The Eventide Universe

A Voidwalkers Campaign Setting

In the far future, in the Dusk Era of the universe, the stars start to dim. Whole systems falter and live ends on many worlds. But some see the end coming and they take action. When the Night finaly falls and the Infinity Chain drags all worlds into its unforgiving chaotic existence, the species of the universe are faced with new posibilities and mayby, just maybe, at the end of the tunnel, Dawn looms.

Eventide as a campaign setting

The Eventide Universe is a setting that is quite broad. It allows a GM to imagine their owns worlds within a certain ruleset. Imagine a universe that hase specific ideas of how distance works, how subspace can be navigated, and how fantasy and sci-fi mix. You could build a fantasy world that has nothing to do with the rest of the universe, but when you want to expand beyond the borders of a single world, you have these possible connections that let your wonder off into a realm of twisting chaos where the next world can be travelled too by ship, or navigate the stars on magic-powered space ships, dipping in and out of subspace. You might even encounter technological advanced species that have ships with hyper drives (whatever those are) or wonder onto hell worlds. Similarly, whole realms of elemental chaos or dreamworlds created by Gods might be part of the package.

The whole campaign setting is imagined for the Voidwalkers Role playing system. But since that is still in develoment, I’ve started a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that touches upon the concept of Eventide and lets go of the Dungeons and Dragons multiverse altogether. While the species are familiar and the classes are those of DND 5e, the world of Chorale I, which is where my initial adventure will take place, has a lot of eventide elements in it that should give it a unique feel.

In addition, I have already played in a Dungeons and Dragons Eventide campaign online, DMed by my dear friend Roger. That campaign can still be found on YouTube, even though we do not stream anymore. Within that campaign, certain basic Dungeons and Dragons ideas are surely lacking. But they have been replaced by a rich world filled with dreamscapes, unknown and new dangers and an epic tale to boot.

While not much content will be available right now, I’m hoping to fill this site with Eventide content for both players and GMs alike. I will approach this Eventide content from my previously mentioned Chorale I campaign. Hopefully, in the not so distant future, the Voidwalkers system will also land on my website.


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