Maybe you found this page because you searched for a decent Battlerager, maybe you found it because you wanted a Ranger that is actually better at archery than a fighter. It could also be that you know me and that I told, or commanded you (as per the 1st-level spell), to go here and like my stuff. Whatever the case might be: Welcome!

There is very little content on this website right now. I used to have a larger website dedicated to 3.5 edition Dungeons and Dragons stuff, but I decided, at some point, that that was the past. Also, it was written in HTML and the changes I needed to make when I wanted a different feature on the website took me ages. So, now this has become a WordPress website. Easier modification, but less control because of databases and stuff.

But anyway! I am sure that I’ll keep adding stuff, although very slowly. My ambition is to add content from my personal three campaign settings here and to, at some time, add Voidwalkers content as well. Voidwalkers is a system that I am creating with a friends that should replace my need for Dungeons and Dragons entirely. But we are not there yet. Even though one of my campaigns for Dungeons and Dragons already leans into that system in more than one way.

Enjoy the current content!

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