A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Background

You either own or lease a large amount of land, which you cultivate to make a living for yourself. You could support yourself or a boss by harvesting certain crops a couple of times per year, or by cultivating cattle for slaughter or milk production. Likewise, grapes or other fruits might serve as the basis of a good wine or an exquisite dinner. Rather than working the land yourself, although this might still be the case if the land isn’t that big, you have laborers working for you.

Skill Proficiencies: One of Animal Handling, Athletics, Perception, and Persuasion. You also gain Survival.

Tool Proficiencies: One type of Artisan Tools that fits your type of cultivation.

Languages: One of your choice.

Equipment: One type of Artisan Tools (see above), a scroll of inventory of your land, a quarterstaff, a rake or shovel, and a belt pouch containing 10 GP.

Feature: What the Future will Bring

You have a decent sense of what the weather will do over the next couple of days. With a successful DC 15 Survival check, you have an idea of what the weather will be like for the next week or more.

In addition, you have a sense of how the market on crops and livestock will develop over the next year when you stay in town for at least a day and listen in on political developments, draughts, divine interventions, and such.

d8Personality Trait
1I can often manage a joke, even in awkward situations.
2People think I’m no fun, but I actually am.
3If you ask me how I am feeling, I will always tell you I’m good.
4I am the center of any gathering of people.
5If you ask me how I am feeling, I will always tell you how I’m feeling.
6Social situations or mortal combat; life is a dance if its deadly or not.
7I like the dark because I love to confront my fears.
8there is no black and white. Only grey.
1Control. When I have all the food and drink and nobody else has anything, I can demand compliance and wealth without limits (Evil)
2Duty. Exploiting the land is a task I do not take lightly. I am obligated to do my best for the greatest result possible (Lawful)
3Eclectic. It doesn’t really matter what I do with my land as long as I have something to sell every year. It is far more important to balance spare time with effort (Chaos)
4Greed. I hoard as much as I possibly can so I am ensured of a future when society fails me (Any)
5Power. When I do my best, I will be able to grow into an important person in the community and what I’ll say or do will make a difference (Any)
6Wellbeing. With my work I ensure that others have something to eat. My reward is seeing my surrounding thrive because of my effort (Good)
1One day, I will own my own piece of land.
2I will do anyhting in my power to make a success of my own corner of the world.
3My allegiance is to myself. When I have gathered enough gold, I am out of here.
4I could not do what I do everyday without the support of my family. They are my main focus in life.
5I will eventually buy out every neighbor and become the greatest landowner of all time.
6I made a promise to till the land until my death.
1I do as little work as possible, which means others have to work harder.
2Surely I can keep a bit more money than I’m owed. It’s not like they’ll miss it?
3I don’t tell my buyers that some of the goods are spoiled. They could have seen that themselves.
4I cover my debts by making more debts.
5No one who works for me can tell me that I would be better of doing things differently.
6I always take the biggest share of anything.


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