A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Background

Working for the boss, providing text for court, being an accountant at a bank, or making sure everything that is happening is managed in an orderly fashion. A clerk manages numbers and texts to support the workload of others or to make sure that everything is recorded correctly. Some operate almost unseen while others are sought after because of their incredible skill set. Whatever your ambition in life, you use your knowledge and investigative skills to make a difference.

Skill Proficiencies: History and Investigation

Tool Proficiencies: Either the Calligrapher’s Supplies or the Forgery Tools.

Languages: One of your choice.

Equipment: A set of tools decided by your tool proficiency, a quill and an inkwell, 10 sheets of paper, and a belt pouch containing 10 GP.

Feature: Understanding the Context

Whenever you are following a paper trail, you understand what is written down and what is left out. If any writing text or calculations have a gap in them that is trying to hide true meaning or numbers, you can detect these by careful study.

In addition, when confronted with people that are trying to outsmart you with legal terms or other types of rules, you can use your history skill as either a deception, intimidation, or persuasion check to make your arguments.

d8Personality Trait
1I can often manage a joke, even in awkward situations.
2People think I’m no fun, but I actually am.
3If you ask me how I am feeling, I will always tell you I’m good.
4I am the center of any gathering of people.
5If you ask me how I am feeling, I will always tell you how I’m feeling.
6Social situations or mortal combat; life is a dance if its deadly or not.
7I like the dark because I love to confront my fears.
8there is no black and white. Only grey.
1Control. Numbers and figures make the world keep turning. I make sure that they are correct (Lawful)
2Expertise A job, any job really, where I can use my skillset is okay if it ensures that I live a happy life (Any)
3Focus. My passion is purely for recording and timekeeping. I don’t bother with how the outcome of what i do might affect the world (Any)
4Future. My effort to keep society on track should support a brighter future for all living beings (Good)
5Manipulation. Manipulating the numbers for bigger profits or embellished claims is my way forward in life (Evil)
6Sloppy. If things sort off make sense, then I am okay with some sloppy calculations (Chaos)
1I am indebted to my employer until I make enough money to get away from them.
2I made a mistake in the past that benefited a crime lord. I will have to set things right.
3I will make a fortune while I seemingly do the biddings of others.
4My community needs an example of righteousness so I’ll be a symbol of honesty and perseverance.
5I am one of many clerks in my surroundings. I intend to outperform all of them.
6I will work for the most notable family in the country.
1Words and numbers haunt me in my dreams, so I am seldom well rested.
2Careful research has made me aware of a possible treasure. It is mine, and mine alone… How to get it though?
3I never trust anyone without committing a promise to paper.
4I actually am very bad at reading, writing, and calculus. I hide this from everyone.
5I always keep a bottle of strong liquor nearby. I sooths my mind but blurs my lines.
6I tend to steal small things whenever I can.

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