Cage Forged [Battlerager]

A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Class Specialization.

Within the grand hall of the dwarven kingdom, I followed a smell. It was pure, it was rancid, but still it spoke of adventure. When I came around a corner, I saw three battleragers sitting there, fully armored. That was the day I came to know the Cage Forged. Those who live inside their battlerager’s cage and very seldom take it off. Bathing is a luxury for many, but they see it as disrespect to the hours of sweat they’ve put into their armor. Even when they do take their armor off, their bodies have taken on certain aspects of their armor. A hide as thick as that of an elephant with small pieces of metal nestled in it. The smell of them is indeed horrible, but one must respect the dedication to their art.

Delian the Bard

You sleep in your cage, you bath in your cage, and you ARE your cage. The shell of stinking, sweaty metal has become one with your body (almost) and you have adapted a crust of thick skin yourself as well. Sometimes, you forget that your hands are lethal spikes. Most times, you have perfect control over all aspects of your cage and know very well where those spikes belong: In the bodies of your enemies.

Battle Forged features
Battlerager LevelFeature
3rdCage Born, Unstoppable Progression
6thBattle Hardened
10thQuick Succession
14thSecond Skin

Battlerager Tactics

Battleragers are forged in the fires of battle. But there is more than one way in which this is done. From having your battlerager cage being modified with electrical circuits or magical seals of lightning, to having more overlapping plates that allow for better defense. From allowing your battlerage to use your armor even more effectively, to having bigger spikes to deal more damage. These are the ways that allow you to be unique amongst your kin.

Optional Level 1 Features
Unlisted on ‘The Battlerager’ table are possible level 1 features. Though the class isn’t designed around a level 1 feature, I have added these for all classes in my own campaigns. This way, you can embrace the type of battlerager you want to be from the start.

Party Crasher

Level 1 Feature (optional)

When you would take falling damage, you take only half and you always land on your feet if you fall at least 10 feet.

Cage Born

Level 3 Feature

You almost become one with your battlerager cage. You skin has become hard as steel. You gain the following benefits:

  • While wearing your armor you do not suffer disadvantage on your stealth checks.
  • While not wearing armor (which is NEVER!), you have an armor class of 13 plus your Constitution modifier.

Unstoppable Progression

Level 3 Feature

When you make a charge helmet or spiked gauntlet attack, you score a critical hit on a 19 or a 20.

In addition, your battlerager cage comes so natural to you. You increase your speed while battleraging by an additional 10 feet.

Battle Hardened

Level 6 Feature

You have suffered enough damage from a diversity of sources that you gain resistance to either acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder damage while you are battleraging.

At 13th level, and again at 17th level, you can pick an additional type of resistance from the list.

Quick Succession

Level 10 Feature

By spending 1 ragepoint, you can attack three times, instead of twice, whenever you take the Attack Action on your turn.

Second Skin

Level 14 Feature

Your cage is so personalized, that you have to spend an hour to take it off or put it on. While wearing your cage, you have the following benefits:

  • When you deal extra damage with your ragepoints on your Battlerage feature, the extra damage is doubled.
  • It provides an armor class of 20 instead of 18.

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