Rage Forged [Battlerager]

Your cage expresses your rage. Spikes that are overly large protrude in every angle. And you are at the center of this ball of spiked fury that crosses a battlefield like it was a living cannonball. Pain your feel…

Power Forged [Battlerager]

Your cage is powered by divine or arcane arts, or even by technology. Whatever the case might be, light shines from its circuits, gently pulsing. Unless you slide those plates across the marks of power, of course.

Cage Forged [Battlerager]

You sleep in your cage, you bath in your cage, and you ARE your cage. The shell of stinking, sweaty metal has become one with your body (almost) and you have adapted a crust of thick skin yourself as well.

Battle Forged [Battlerager]

Protection is your main goal. Your battlerager cage is a bastion of defense, impenetrable for your enemies and a shield for your ward. You feel secure within you’re armor and can handle anything that comes your way.

Marksman [Ranger]

You are a master in the use of your weapon. You have trained extensively with either the bow or the crossbow and, combined with your magic, you have learned to make it the deadliest weapon there is.

Way of Order [Monk]

The way of order dedicates itself to be beyond reproach. What they do cannot be questioned. Otherwise, what is the use of dedicating their lives to such a rigid daily routine, where law governs every step.

Blood Domain [Cleric]

Be it for the light or the dark, the blood domain lets you interfere in the blood flow of others, manipulating it to their benefit or their demise. While some are healers, other use the rituals granted by their deity or source of power…

Way of the Moon Soul [Monk]

The way of the moon soul moves in the shadows, deflecting the light of the moon into the minds of her opponents. Sometimes, a moon touched monk is an agent of justcie that walks the nights. Other times, they are servants of madness.

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