You could be a travelling salesman, a shop owner, or you might run shops in more than one town. Whatever the case might be: You buy and sell goods to make a living. because of this, you know people.


You either own or lease a large amount of land, which you cultivate to make a living for yourself. You could support yourself or a boss by harvesting certain crops a couple of times per year, or by cultivating cattle for slaughter or milk production.


You are the backbone of society: building cities by cobbling the streets, pouring the foundations of houses and workspaces, creating wooden frames and laying bricks to build up walls, and working on the production lines that feed all its inhabitants.


Working for the boss, providing text for court, being an accountant at a bank, or making sure everything that is happening is managed in an orderly fashion. A clerk manages numbers and texts to support the workload…


Caretakers come in many forms. You could run a household, or you might watch over one or more children, or take care of the elderly. Sometimes, all of these are combined, in the form of the head of someone else’s household…

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