Caretakers come in many forms. You could run a household, or you might watch over one or more children, or take care of the elderly. Sometimes, all of these are combined, in the form of the head of someone else’s household, or as the head of your own family.

The Eventide Universe

A Voidwalkers Campaign Setting In the far future, in the Dusk Era of the universe, the stars start to dim. Whole systems falter and live ends on many worlds. But some see the end coming and they take action. When the Night finaly falls and the Infinity Chain drags all worlds into its unforgiving chaotic […]

Ranger – Marksman

You are a master in the use of your weapon. You have trained extensively with either the bow or the crossbow and, combined with your magic, you have learned to make it the deadliest weapon there is.

Monk – Way of Order

The way of order dedicates itself to be beyond reproach. What they do cannot be questioned. Otherwise, what is the use of dedicating their lives to such a rigid daily routine, where law governs every step.

Cleric – Blood Domain

Be it for the light or the dark, the blood domain lets you interfere in the blood flow of others, manipulating it to their benefit or their demise. While some are healers, other use the rituals granted by their deity or source of power to make veins burst or eyes bleed. Blood Domain features Cleric […]

Vessel of Agony

My youth was spend on white beaches, with white tipped, rolling waves that crashed upon its EVER-SHIFTING surface. The sun would darken my skin as my family played silly games nearby that spoke of joy and easy living. I still remember the faces of my father and mother as they would laugh kindly at my […]


“As I watch eternity pass me by, I wonder what I have stopped knowing in all these years. My mind is wandering, always losing some of its coherence as new memories spring to life. Now, even the quiet meditation between the immense flora of this world cannot bring me the thoughts I once held dear. […]

Monk – Way of the Moon Soul

The way of the moon soul moves in the shadows, deflecting the light of the moon into the minds of her opponents. She causes her target to become deranged, insane, touched by the moon; a lunatic. Way of Moon Soul features Monk Level Feature 3rd Bonus Proficiencies, Sickles Of The Moon, Way Of The Moon […]


I had not seen true carnage until I saw the battleragers of Wren running down the hills of Klefield. They roared thunderously, their helmets directed at the masses in front of them. They were outnumbered ten to one, but I pitied their enemies. How could this roaring mass be the same as the group of […]

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