Busy Future, or is it?

A lot of things are happening in my life, and almost all of them are positive. I will summarize, just so my readers, whom must be scarce by now, will know what stage I am at in my life.

1: I’m working three days a week in a store that sells mobile phones, internet and television. I like it! I like selling, for one, but I like finding the right product for the right person even more. I can’t sell stuff if I think the product is bad, which is why I have no real problem selling anything in the store where I work. Sounds ideal? I know. Every store has its downside, but amongst the stores that are out there, I know we are doing our best to give the best support for our customers and to sell them good products.
I never thought I would ever develop a liking for mobile phones, but my Samsung is really something else. I love android and I love smartphones. What a change, because before I just had this second hand, prepaid mobile phone from another provider πŸ˜€

2: I’m finally finishing my philosophy study, which takes up another three days in the week. I’m done with university. I just want to work for a couple of hours in the week and keep the rest of my time free for family, friends and my own little projects.

3: My girlfriend isn’t my girlfriend any more. She is now my wife πŸ˜€ We had a very small ceremony which made us man and wife. We aren’t married, but have a registered partnership, which is about the same. We did this because of topic number 4 :D. I love her and I also love the fact that she now has my surname. Finally, the tribe of ‘t Jongs is growing again!

4: I’m getting a child! Only a month from now, we will be four in this house of ours. And yes, I’m counting the cat. We don’t know if its a boy or a girl, but we don’t really care. the baby room is about ready and the mess is starting to clear. A lot of energy goes into preparing for the arrival of your first child (don’t know about the second one yet, but I can only guess … πŸ˜€ ). My… Wife! has a big belly by now. She’s getting tired more easily every day. It’s all worth it, but this means that my week is even more full than just the hours I have to spend on work and study. We are managing, though! And there are relative clear skies up ahead.

So, two weeks to go and my study will be finished. My wife, from this day forth, is at home, so some peace will be restored to the homefront. The sky is clearing up and the sun is warming our terrace splendidly already. My head is getting less cloudy and different projects that cause me no stress at all are already making the way to my imagination cortex. I will be working a couple of more hours, is my guess, and that will be okay. The pregnancy is going so well, that I foresee no real problems there adn… and… Well, all’s well!

Or is it? Most things are going well, true. I feel blessed on that part. But history is something that keeps cropping up in recent events. I would like to have shared my current view on live with those I have lost sight off. I would like to see a lot of friends of mine have an easier life and I hope that the future will bring more joy for those who have their own problems. Also, all these positive changes ARE changes. I just hope I don’t loose sight of other things that belong to a world where the family isn’t the hub of the wheel, and where old grudges keep renewing themselves. I feel that I’m blessed with a large group of friends, but interests seem to make us grow apart somewhat. I just hope that all of us will be able to talk with each other until we are of old age… But for that to happen, everybody needs to keep investing. If you don’t invest, you don’t gain any returns on your investments. I know I’m not the best in maintaining friendships when they grow to distant. yet, I also know that those I loose by me not keeping in contact with them, are not trying really hard themselves. Really, I only have regrets about a single person out there, and if he reads this, he will know it’s him…

Look at me! All this talk about… Economics πŸ˜€ Lets write about something else. So? What are these personal projects I am talking about? Well, I’m sort of writing a book (which is on hold, for the moment) and I’m writing a new gaming system that should be way better than DnD 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Though I only dislike 4th from that small list, I think a lot can be improved on 3rd and well, 3rd did this for 2nd so I’m just going with that. Even though the d20 will be central to the system, levelling will still be in and xp might still be gained (not really sure about that one yet), the feel of the game is very different. I have done a single play-test session and it worked out pretty well, though I had only 4 ‘melee classes’ ready… They weren’t classes though, but still πŸ˜€ Nope, it really IS going to be different. And what of that book? Β The book I’m writing has nothing to do with fantasy. It’s about this life, and what can go wrong with it. Its about regret, really, which is a hard topic to write about. We’ll see how that one ends!

Well, I’ve come to the end of this post. I like the whole sandwich technique. Start with something positive, then smash someone’s expectations, then end with yet another positive note. In this case, the positive note ended with something about regret, which isn’t that positive, unless people will like the book. We’ll see!


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