All’s Quiet on The Dutch Front

So, I’ve been away… For several reasons. Two of them are good reasons, the other might be considered so so. Let’s start with the bad reason.

I’ve discovered World Of Warcraft. There! I said it! Yes, that is one reason for not posting. It is taking up a lot of my time. But it is such a great game! Not as good as Dungeons and Dragons, ofcourse not! But still…

One of the good reasons is, that I am in my final year for my Bachelor degree in Philosophy. Even though I am not always doing what needs to be done, together with WOW, it takes up a lot of my time. And I really need to finish this study!.

The second good reason is that I am play-testing 4th edition. And I must say, the game allows for much quicker combat which is still quite complicated at times. But I also keep disliking all the stupid things which collide in the Pit of Dismal Rules. Until I have play-tested long enough, I will not post my final commentary on the latest edition D&D game. But I will post the last few chapters in perhaps a month. I’m busy moving as well (which is good reason number three, come to think of it) so until then, loyal readers!

2 responses to “All’s Quiet on The Dutch Front”

  1. Rense says:

    I think your worst reason is your worst reason indeed 🙂 You don’t need to apologize for not posting, but not posting about your experiences on WOW is like missing out on a very interesting role-playing experience! In other words: I’d love to hear about your role-playing experiences more often

  2. giel says:

    Yes, tell us your adventures! I for one am pretty anxious to hear your 4th ed adventures from your perspective. I don’t care much about your WoW adventures since 99% of the time, I’m right next to you in there… :), but I’m sure your Roleplaying on our server is definately worth mentioning.

    Hope you will be posting here soon (and on some other forums as well, but I know now why that is…. 😛 ) about your findings, your study and anything you think that is worth mentioning for us readers.

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