4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons… What to make of it?

I sometimes wonder if the world is sliding into a deadlock. Making everything easier seems to be what it is all about. 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons is promising easier handling of about everything. Now, I ask you: Why?

I always felt that D&D was about real life simulation, but in a fantasy setting in which, if you die, you can just start over. I’m heavy on role playing, though I do not mind some roll playing as well. Role-playing takes up a lot of time. That’s what a role playing game is all about. Roll playing takes up a lot of time too, but for quite different reasons.

In second edition, the main problem with the rules was that no singular, simple underlaying system could be detected. 3rd edition fixed this, without getting rid of the complexity of the game. There are still thousands of spells and items to choose from, an even larger base amount of classes then before, and a whole set of new, groundbraking rules. I’m thinking of feats, skills and prestige classes here. We spit through rows and rows of books and customize our characters to get that unique feel. And when the character is finished, we start playing, adding levels, items, spells and much more stuff. We feel content when our character reaches the upper levels (10th +) and are now unique individuals.

4th edition promises us such gameplay. But some things seem to be off. Though I will merely tell you one of my concerns, I think that my example will be the infection that has spread through the whole ruleset. The example is… Healing surges. WTF? You can heal yourself by taking a standard action (or something very much like that) on the battle field WITH EVERY CLASS? Sorry, but have you ever seen a farmer do this? Is this explained as some inner reserve all living things share? Come on! It is just… unrealistic!

This post might seem but a rant, and I will not continue it now. Instead, I’ll be buying the new PHB as soon as possible and see what this new edition is all about. Then, I will truly know what I am talking about. But I’m having a sneaky suspicion I will not like the new rules. Not at all.

Aranamarunda, Male Mercane Commoner Level 1 out.

2 responses to “4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons… What to make of it?”

  1. Laurens says:

    I either don’t see a berserker troll suddenly stop fighting and starting to work surgery on itself 🙂

  2. giel says:

    Then imagine playing a skeletal or other incorporeal undead with player classes….how the heck could they heal themselves?

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