Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition – Part II

Well, I’ve read through most of the Player’s Handbook and have started reading the Dungeon Master’s Guide. And, I must admit, I am quite pleased with what I’ve read so far. Skipping over the first two chapters, let me tell you about the other eight. CHAPTER 3: CHARACTER RACES Anyone who’s read the PHB of […]

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition – Part I

So, I’m now the proud owner of the 4th edition Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide and the Monster Manual. The books look really great. Almost sort of retro. Which is good, because they took the good stuff from the past and combined it with the quality from the present. Flipping trough the pages made me […]

Bumps in the Road

The Blog is almost finished. I took yet another template and tweaked it to the max. However, I’m getting pretty tired of the way Mozilla and Explorer show my site. Explorer especially. Some borders and links aren’t correctly displayed. However, I’ll let this slip for now. Hopefully the Mac browsers will accept the blog as […]

NederdrakeN entering final stage!

I finally got NederdrakeN to work to my liking, but there are still some things to tweak. The buttons in the profile page are still a bit of and I can’t understand why the login is suddenly centred and takes up a couple of lines. However, it looks good! I’m also still having some troubles […]

The Road to Succes is paved with HTML and PHP

Which is to say: The site is getting better-looking because I now understand some of the things I’m doing when I am changing a CSS file. My main index page is to my liking now, since the blog now features my original header. However, I did this by padding the upper links with a 97 […]

New Layout

Well, actually not really new, but I’ve deleted the frames. All that you see is tables! However, I’m not yet ready and so you might encounter some strange buttons. For example: The ‘home’ button next to the ‘back’ button is somewhat broken. Please use the new button, in the header, instead. I’ll delete the old […]

Rules and Reality: Aspects of D&D… Or not?

As I wrote my last blog entry, I noticed that my arguments were very… Sloppy. That’s why, after I started to tell you something about healing surges, I stopped writing. What are these healing surges that I was talking about? I didn’t really know. I kind of knew what they were supposed to do, but […]

4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons… What to make of it?

I sometimes wonder if the world is sliding into a deadlock. Making everything easier seems to be what it is all about. 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons is promising easier handling of about everything. Now, I ask you: Why? I always felt that D&D was about real life simulation, but in a fantasy setting in […]

Gary Gygax

It is strange how someone you’ve never met can influence your life. I have never met Gary Gygax, how could I have? I was never in the neighbourhood. But, well, he is one of the BIG MEN, isn’t he? And so, of course, I’ve heard of him. Funny enough, I downloaded a 3.5 version of […]

Followers of the Void

Though two out of three Followers of the Void were already online, I think it is now time to reveil the third one and make sure that you know about the other two as well. The Followers of the Void are an old project of mine. In the Urtur campaign they reflect the half-undead state […]