All’s Quiet on The Dutch Front

So, I’ve been away… For several reasons. Two of them are good reasons, the other might be considered so so. Let’s start with the bad reason. I’ve discovered World Of Warcraft. There! I said it! Yes, that is one reason for not posting. It is taking up a lot of my time. But it is […]

Dungeons and dragons 4th Edition – Update

And, of course, I decided to check up on the Wizard first. I already saw some flaws in my thinking… I still think much of the flavour has been lost though. We’ll wait and see.

Bumps in the Road

The Blog is almost finished. I took yet another template and tweaked it to the max. However, I’m getting pretty tired of the way Mozilla and Explorer show my site. Explorer especially. Some borders and links aren’t correctly displayed. However, I’ll let this slip for now. Hopefully the Mac browsers will accept the blog as […]

NederdrakeN entering final stage!

I finally got NederdrakeN to work to my liking, but there are still some things to tweak. The buttons in the profile page are still a bit of and I can’t understand why the login is suddenly centred and takes up a couple of lines. However, it looks good! I’m also still having some troubles […]

The Road to Succes is paved with HTML and PHP

Which is to say: The site is getting better-looking because I now understand some of the things I’m doing when I am changing a CSS file. My main index page is to my liking now, since the blog now features my original header. However, I did this by padding the upper links with a 97 […]

New Layout

Well, actually not really new, but I’ve deleted the frames. All that you see is tables! However, I’m not yet ready and so you might encounter some strange buttons. For example: The ‘home’ button next to the ‘back’ button is somewhat broken. Please use the new button, in the header, instead. I’ll delete the old […]


I understand that not all of you can react to the content of this blog. That is because if I allow for all reactions just to appear here, I’ll be swamped in spam. So, please comment and within a day you’re reply will appear here. After that, you’ll have no problems replying here ever again! […]

Final Touches

I’m updating the pages that were already on here and I have added a few while I was at it. Some pages now feature the ‘under construction’ line. But, if I may say so myself, I’m starting to be quite proud of this page! The layout is really coming together and the information is a […]

Stupid Â-s

And if someone can tell me why these tupid Â-s keep appearing for no obvious reason, then please do. There is nothing in the code that can tell me what I’m doing wrong. EDIT: Really, there is now ‘wave’ above the A in my post, just a ‘roof’.

I’m building an Empire, but where are its Foundations?

The main problem I face while I’m converting my old website to the new one, is a problem of the “‘when have I done enough converting so that I will be able to say ‘I’m ready!’” kind. And then there is the influx of new content. I’ve started developing a family of dragons, monk orders […]