Rules and Reality: Aspects of D&D… Or not?

As I wrote my last blog entry, I noticed that my arguments were very… Sloppy. That’s why, after I started to tell you something about healing surges, I stopped writing. What are these healing surges that I was talking about? I didn’t really know. I kind of knew what they were supposed to do, but […]

4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons… What to make of it?

I sometimes wonder if the world is sliding into a deadlock. Making everything easier seems to be what it is all about. 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons is promising easier handling of about everything. Now, I ask you: Why? I always felt that D&D was about real life simulation, but in a fantasy setting in […]

Gary Gygax

It is strange how someone you’ve never met can influence your life. I have never met Gary Gygax, how could I have? I was never in the neighbourhood. But, well, he is one of the BIG MEN, isn’t he? And so, of course, I’ve heard of him. Funny enough, I downloaded a 3.5 version of […]

Followers of the Void

Though two out of three Followers of the Void were already online, I think it is now time to reveil the third one and make sure that you know about the other two as well. The Followers of the Void are an old project of mine. In the Urtur campaign they reflect the half-undead state […]


Yup, the Death template is up! It’s my sixth domain template and I hope that it balances nicely with the other 5. I’m thinking of giving it the half-undead traits, which can be found on this site too, or in Dragon 313. But maybe it’ll get overpowered that way. We’ll see how this works out. […]

Nature’s Wrath

Well, here we are! The first official new page on my website is up. many thanks to Giel, who’s idea this was in the first place. Go and take a look. Nature’s Wrath, a whole new prestige class, is waiting for YOU!

Final Touches

I’m updating the pages that were already on here and I have added a few while I was at it. Some pages now feature the ‘under construction’ line. But, if I may say so myself, I’m starting to be quite proud of this page! The layout is really coming together and the information is a […]

I’m building an Empire, but where are its Foundations?

The main problem I face while I’m converting my old website to the new one, is a problem of the “‘when have I done enough converting so that I will be able to say ‘I’m ready!’” kind. And then there is the influx of new content. I’ve started developing a family of dragons, monk orders […]